Punjab United Sports & Heritage Association

“Our mission is to promote awareness of East Indian Culture, diversity, heritage and community Health through organized sports activities, public education, and through the provision and development of services and programs.

Our Association is dedicated to the enhancement of human well being and physical health by:

  • Promoting organized recreational and sports activities for all age groups
  • Promoting the values of health through educational activities
  • Promoting social equity through heritage and cultural activities
  • Promoting Healthy competition.
  • Providing Open Venue for Learning.
  • Open communication channels.
  • Development of friendship and bonds.

Make every possible effort to help our future generation to recognize our roots through competitive sports and cultural activities.

“Make every possible effort to educate our youth to avoid drugs, gangs etc. and promote healthy family values so that they can become best citizens of this wonderful country and become role model for future generations.”

“PUSHA recognizes that physical health is important for life balance and healthy communities. Services and programs will be developed in the future and provided for members irrespective of race, gender, age, disability, national origin, color or creed.”

How to Become a Member