How to become a member?

Anyone from Asian community can become member of the association. Available membership categories are as follow Annual renewal or Life Membership  

Annual Membership

Anyone from Asian community can become association’s member by paying $100 membership fee renewable on annual basis subject to approval by executive committee. 

Member for Life

Anyone from Asian community can become association’s member for Life by paying $1500 fee which can be paid once or over three consecutive years ($500 annually) subject to approval by executive committee.

How to become a director?

Any active member of the association in good standing will be eligible for Directorship of the Board only after active work/involvement with the association for a minimum of 3 consecutive years and without any criminal record.
The Board of Directors will/may form working group/committees from time to time and the work/commitment of new Members will be reviewed and documented by the Board which will act as a guide for nominating and/or considering a Member for any opening in the Board. The Board of Directors reserve the right to make the final decision in the best interest of the Society.

How to get involved in various events?

Contact executive members by phone and/or via contact us form on this website with brief explanation of your commitment and interest in the association. Based on your interest, you may be asked to join a committee presided by one of the sitting directors.