Vision 2020

The foundation of PUSHA is based on the nearly 30 years of history of the Founding Directors with Punjab United Soccer Club. In addition to sports club and tournament fields, which complement existing City of Edmonton’s Multi-Sport Tournament & Recreation Site (MTRS) plans, PUSHA will, over a period of ten years, build and manage fields to accommodate major Asian sports tournaments, a community facility that will include a clubhouse, indoor gymnasium, and meeting rooms for Partner Organizations. All the fields and buildings will be designed to serve multiple purposes with input from MTRS and the professional architectural firm (Stantec). The proposed PUSHA development will be unique not only to Edmonton but it will be one-of-a-kind in Canada

Project Information

VISION 2020 is the flagship project to bring people together – a multi-purpose facility in a park-like setting where citizens of all ages can play and rest in concert to strengthen the community spirit. Located in south Edmonton the PUSHA Community Sports & Recreation Centre will be the centerpiece icon with a dynamic space full of activity, energy and vitality. This will be a place where all are welcome – a “community hub” – where people of all ages and abilities can gather for sports and social events.

Project Scope

Vision 2020 project has been planned to be completed in 5 stages over a 10 year-year time-frame (see below)

Stage 1: Acquire/Lease Land (20+ acres)

Stage 2: Prepare Soccer Fields

  • Five high standard (natural grass) soccer fields which will be used for competitive matches and community tournaments.
    Two training soccer fields with overlapping kabaddi field.

Stage 3: Prepare Grounds for Heritage Sports

  • One playing area for Field Hockey.
  • One multi-purpose area for Kabaddi and Cricket.
  • Other – four volleyball courts, two beach volleyball courts, two basketball courts, two tennis courts.

Stage 4: Clubhouse
Stage 5: Recreation / Community Centre (attached to Clubhouse will have Gym/Indoor Arena for year-round use (sports & social) .
Stage 6: Community Funeral Services Center

Once all the supports facilities have been prepared and operational, we will consult our community seniors to brainstorm / plan funeral services center. Based on the community feedback, Land will be acquired and further planning will be done. We expect this activity to start by Jan 2019.